Retro-Review: Metroid Fusion


Metroid Fusion 2.jpg

With Metroid’s 30 Birthday happening this year, it feels like the perfect opportunity to revisit the games that made this franchise so great and maybe play some games that I’ve never completed. Metroid Fusion is one of those games: I tried several times to play it, but never managed to reach the end. This changed this week, as I picked the game to be the first one I livestreamed over at my new Twitch channel. Not only was live-streaming it a fun experience, but the game overall was really enjoyable.

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Virtual Console Gems: Detana!! Twinbee

Screen 2.jpg

I’m probably one of the most casual players of Shmups you can imagine. I’m terrible at them, but I love explosions, lightning fast action and a great rock soundtrack blasting out of my speakers. There are loads of games that cater to these exact reasons why I love the genre. And then there’s Detana!! Twinbee.

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First Impressions: Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Finish.jpg

It’s concerning that besides a couple of digital releases, the Wii U does not receive any support anymore. Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE is one of the few games that make 2016 a worthwhile last year for Nintendo’s console, especially for a JRPG fans. I’ve now spent a couple of hours with the game and I can safely say it’s the best JRPG on the system and one of the best in the genre for this year. That’s saying something, seeing how many great JRPGs are being released this year.

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Virtual Console Gems: River City Ransom


River City Ransom Street Gangs Header.jpg

When I first heard of River City Ransom, the description alone blew my mind: It’s an NES beat-em-up that features a somewhat open world where you can improve your stats by eating sushi. That sounds pretty amazing, right? The great thing is: you can get this game right now, since it’s on the Virtual Console on the Wii and the Wii U. But first, let me explain why I really enjoy this game.

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Wii-rd Games: Muscle March

Muscle March Screen 1

When I started this series of articles, I had a couple of games I really wanted to cover from the very beginning. Muscle March is among these titles and for some very good reasons: It’s probably one of the strangest games I’ve ever played to date and also one of the most interesting games the Wiiware service has given us. It’s also very fun and quite unique, but let’s dig deeper, shall we?

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How can Nintendo keep the Wii U alive?

Tokyo Mirage Header

Using a screenshot of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, even though it’s not mentioned in the article. The game needs some exposure though, so there you go.

It’s really not a secret anymore that the Wii U is dying a slow death right now. While there are still some big games coming, like a new Paper Mario and Zelda, the console’s days are numbered. Since Nintendo doesn’t want to produce any big title for the console anymore, here are a few ideas on how the company can keep the platform alive none the less.

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Breath of the Wild got me hyped!

While I was disappointed at first that Nintendo was only going to show the latest The Legend of Zelda game at E3, I must admit that what has been shown of the game has made me excited. That’s exceptional in and of itself, since I’m not a huge Zelda fan, and I still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the classics of the franchise. Normally, I don’t pay much attention to a new Zelda game, but there are several reasons why it’s different this time around.

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