Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Impressions

So, the new Star Wars: Rogue One trailer just came out and you know what that means, right? Everyone and their dog wants to share his and her opinions with you. And I can’t resist doing the same, so I guess we do this dance, all right?

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Comic-Con Trailer Reactions


Last week, San Diego Comic-Con once again dominated the geek culture! While I’m not the biggest comicbook reader, I really enjoy movies and shows based on comicbooks. And once again, the con delivered in this regard, as some great trailers have been shown there. Let’s have a look!

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Review: Warcraft


Warcraft movie

Ever since the 90’s, a lot of movie studios tried their hands at adapting a videogame for the big screen. The now famous attempt of bringing Mario into the film medium have somewhat created the reputation that now surrounds all videogame movie adaptations: There seems to be a curse, that holds these movies back and there’s yet a good one to be produced. But is Warcraft the movie to lift that curse? Or is it just going to strengthen it?

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Review: Super Mario Bros. Movie

Super Mario Bros movie poster

Of all the movies that I watched religiously during my childhood, the Super Mario Bros. movie always stood out a bit. It was dark, had a very distinct look and something about it just didn’t feel right. Even back then, I never considered it to be a Super Mario movie, but more of a science-fiction movie that took some inspiration from the games but tried to do its own thing. I always wondered how it would hold up these days, especially considering Nintendo wants to do its own movies now, so I went back to watch it in order to find out.

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 X-Men: Apocalypse Review

The X-Men movies are an interesting phenomenon, when it comes to comic-book movies. While most movies in the series are good enough, some of them are outright bad (X-Men: The Last Stand and Origins come to mind). Yet in recent years, the movies have become better in my opinions. X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past are both movies that show that there’s still a lot of fun to be had with them. So, where does Apocalypse end up in this? I’ll tell you what I think, but I have to warn you: Minor spoilers ahead!

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Trailer Reaction: Ghostbusters (Official Trailer 2)

A lot has already been said and written about the new Ghostbusters movie. Even though it hasn’t hit the theatres yet, many have voiced their opinion on the first trailer. The response seems to be overwhelmingly negative, but how does the new, second trailer hold up?

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Can Movies Save Nintendo?

Nintendo is heading into the movie business. Several movies will be released in the coming years, according to the President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima. But can this move save Nintendo after the Wii U bombed and Nintendo has lost a lot of relevance in the videogame industry?

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