Why the 3DS-Direct was a let-down

nintendodirect logo.jpg

I love the idea behind the Nintendo Directs: A videogame company produces a video to talk directly to the fans. It’s something more companies could try to do instead of doing press events that can be quite boring. But very often, these Nintendo Directs are a disappointment and the last one was the biggest let-down so far.

The biggest reason is probably that there were no real surprises this time around. Oh sure, Mario Maker and Yoshi’s Woolie World making it to the 3DS are surprises, but it’s not something big and new. It’s just a port of two Wii U games that were pretty good and I’m happy more people get to play them, but as I said: Not really something new. And to be honest, the limitations put into the 3DS version of Mario Maker don’t make it all that worthwhile.

Then there’s the genuine surprises like that Pikmin game for the 3DS. I love Pikmin, especially the last one on the Wii U and I also love it when they try something new with an established franchise. A 2D sidescroller in the Pikmin universe certainly is interesting enough and I’d like to try the game. Unfortunately, there’s a caveat: It looks really bad. The graphics are really off putting, even surpassing Federation Force’s level of unattractiveness. While I think that could be due to the fact that the game is still in development, Nintendo sometimes chooses weird art styles for some games and this could be one of them.

There also was a lot of talk about updates and DLC. I’m ok with games getting long-term support, but I always feel you could spend your precious time in these Nintendo Directs on presenting new stuff and considering how little they showed in those 30 minutes, they are one of the main reasons I don’t feel like this has been a good Direct. And now, a new Mario sports title doesn’t really save this one, even though I really liked Mario Strikers Charged on the Wii and the inclusion of football thus makes me quite happy.

Of course, you can’t talk about the omissions: Since this has been announced as a 3DS focused Direct, many felt underwhelmed from the get-go. When will we finally get information on the NX? If the rumours are anything to go by, it could be an awesome reveal, but Nintendo is very tightlipped about this one. To be quite honest, this lack of information makes it tough to be a Nintendo fan. Even though they make great games, they leave their fans in the dark right now. And I wonder how long many can take this…

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