Wii Games Time Forgot

The Nintendo Wii is home to many great games. While I personally have a certain preference for the more weird games out for the system, I can’t deny many of them only have a niche appeal and with some, I have real troubles imagining them having had any kind of success. But then there are those games that were announced, were able to build up some interest and then just vanished. Let me tell you a bit about some of my favourite games that never came out for the system.

Project H.A.M.M.E.R. was among the first games shown for the system. It was a bit of an odd game, but the concept made sense enough: You have a Wii-mote, why not swing it like a hammer. And sure enough, some gamers really liked the concept, even if the journalists playing the preview build were kind of lukewarm about the whole thing. The game disappeared a couple of times, only to show up again and finally bit the dust after a couple of years. This video chronicles the troubled development of the game fairly well. Even if the game wasn’t all that great, it looked very promising and I would have played it for sure. It would also have been a neat infusion of new IP for Nintendo, but alas it was not meant to be.

High Voltage had a couple of projects for the Wii that looked very promising too. The makers of The Conduit 1 and 2 proved to the public that they could handle the hardware pretty well on the graphics front and many Wii fans, myself included, were really looking forward what would be up next. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much left to actually come out, even if they showed off several games. The most noticeable one was The Grinder, a Left 4 Dead style first person shooter that looked a bit bland, but got a lot of hype thanks to the concept. While the idea was nothing new, each new hardcore title for the platform was met with a lot of enthusiasm by the fanbase, which is why The Grinder got some hype going for it. But unfortunately, it never met its 2011 target release window and High Voltage has made no announcement about the game. Apparently, ports to other platforms were planned, but they never saw the light of day either.

Another High Voltage game I was looking for was Animes de la Muertes. This arcade tin stick shooter was full of colours and had a great sense of humour, at least judging by the trailer. It fared a bit better by being released on iOS in 2013, but it never made it to the Wii or any of the HD-consoles at the time. Personally, I haven’t played the iOS version yet, but I would have loved to have that game on the Wii. Oh well, at least it saw the light of day.

Anyway, which Wii games that never made it would you have liked to play?

2 thoughts on “Wii Games Time Forgot

  1. My nephew loves this Lego Star Wars Clone Ward game for the Wii that involves building and destroying bases. He makes my boyfriend play it for hours – systematically destroying everything that he builds! It’s very funny!


  2. I do not know any Wii games that were supposed to be made, but never were. I think there is something about the way the Wii is played means there are developers who create weird games based on using the remote in strange ways. I always thought shooters would have made good Wii games because the player can easily point and shoot using the Wii remote, but I am not sure if that many shooter games were made for the Wii. How would Animales des Muertes be played?


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