Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Impressions

So, the new Star Wars: Rogue One trailer just came out and you know what that means, right? Everyone and their dog wants to share his and her opinions with you. And I can’t resist doing the same, so I guess we do this dance, all right?

The first trailer for Rogue One was great. It had awesome music, set up the plot, had a lot of action going on and showed a lot of confidence in itself. It got me excited pretty much immediately and that’s exactly what a first trailer should do.

What I want from a second trailer is depth. A deeper look at the story, universe and characters present in the movie. And I’m really glad that this second trailer delivers: We get some insight into the characters motivations and roles, the universe is set up in astonishing looking shots and some plot points, although largely known from the previous trailer, are also set up.

The look and feel of the movie mimics World War 2 movies. The colours are muted, the action seems to be grittier and this makes for quite a different movie when compared to the more optimistic tone of the original saga. It still manages to stay in line with the overall concept of the Star Wars movies, but it manages to feel distinct, and that’s just perfect for a spin off movie. It knows its place and knows how to deal with that.

The Darth Vader reveal at the end is a nice touch too. Let’s just hope he is not just some throw-away character that just pops in his head for a second in order to wave at the audience, but has some kind of role to play. The new robot that is accompanying the heroes also looks fun and different: It’s huge and the dialogue lines, while reminiscent of C3PO show a nice bit of robot-diversity.

All in all, this trailer makes me look forward to the final movie even more. While I was sceptical about the Spin-off movies, this one looks very good so far. But then again, trailers have fooled us before.

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