Pokémon Go: My personal trainer

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I’ve been always wanting to get more fit. While I’m not overweight, I still have a couple of kilos too much on the scale, so I try and move more. Pokémon Go has been a great help in that respect, as it helps me to move more and for a longer time. Right now, I’m at least walking 6 km each day on my Pokémon hunts, which doesn’t sound like that much, but it’s a huge change for me and it has helped me loose a kilo in my first week of using the app in this way.

The great thing is that I live in a relatively urban area of Luxembourg. This means there are a handful of Pokéstops and Arenas around. Neighbouring villages are connected via bike trails that pedestrians can also use, so visiting other stops and arenas is pretty easy to do. What’s also great is the fact that my routes can have some hilly areas, so the workout aspect doesn’t get neglected.

I’m not all that serious about playing Pokémon Go. I normally log in once a day, and it’s usually when I go for a walk anyway, but it keeps me motivated to go longer distances and explore the area more thoroughly. Unfortunately the game is also a huge drain on the battery of my smartphone, so walks are always cut short. After 2 hours, I have to head back since my smartphone is just running out of juice, which is too bad.

But for those two hours, I’m highly motivated. If the weather is alright, that is. Unfortunately, as far as I can see, this week is going to be a tough one, with loads of rain coming down. While it doesn’t make playing Pokémon Go impossible to play, it certainly has a negative effect on my motivation. What is motivating however is the fact that I meet a lot of people that are also playing Pokémon Go. The town where I live isn’t huge, but it’s still amazing to me, how often I stumble upon other players. Even if we don’t necessarily interact, there’s still the feeling of belonging to a bigger community, which is something I often miss about videogames.

That is probably also the reason why I enjoy the game even though it’s not all that interesting from a mechanical standpoint. It helps me go on longer walks and makes me appreciate where I live. And there aren’t too many game that motivate me to do a real-life activity and in that regard, Pokémon Go is a huge success!

2 thoughts on “Pokémon Go: My personal trainer

  1. I love this kind of attitude, and I wholeheartedly agree! Pokemon GO has encouraged me to take more walks. Even when I’m not catching more Pokemon, I’m starting to see more value in just enjoying the outdoor exercise. Conversely, when I need to go somewhere, I’m always excited to boot up GO and see what Pokemon are around. It’s great to feel so motivated in a way that’s not just, “I need to exercise.” It’s like, “I need to find and catch Pokemon and thus, I will exercise.” I love it.

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  2. I played for 3 weeks or so, but then the update came and my phone did not like it. So I quit playing altough it’s quite a fun game.
    I don’t understand all the hate though.. People have been going around and watching there phones before, just because they’re playing pokemon now doesn’t mean anything.
    I live in a rural area so there was no arenas ore a lot of pokemon to begin with, I only got to really enjoy the game when I was on my way to work at the city.

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