Comic-Con Trailer Reactions


Last week, San Diego Comic-Con once again dominated the geek culture! While I’m not the biggest comicbook reader, I really enjoy movies and shows based on comicbooks. And once again, the con delivered in this regard, as some great trailers have been shown there. Let’s have a look!

Let’s start off with Doctor Strange. If you’d have told me a year ago that Doctor Strange would be one of the movies I’d be looking forward to the most in 2016, I would have laughed at you. But here I am and after two trailers that I enjoyed a lot, I’m completely sold on this movie. The concept sounds great, the visual style is interesting and different from what we’ve seen in other marvel movies and Benedict Cumberbatch seems to fit the role amazingly well. The second trailer adds some more plot, gives the main villain a bit more screentime and some background and shows off some more of the visual effects. To be quite honest, this and the new Star Wars movie are the two movies I’m looking forward to the most.

The Justice League trailer is the biggest surprise of the bunch to me. I disliked Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice quite a lot, but this trailer manages to change my expectations for Justice League from “This is going to be terrible” to “This could be good”. The trailer is well put-together, with great music and a connecting plot that gives a lot of insight into how the first portion of the movie will work. It has a lot of character interactions with genuinely likeable heroes and manages to be funny but serious at the same time. If they can keep this up over the entire movie and provide some decent action (one point where BvS didn’t disappoint me, to be fair) then this could be good.

Wonder Woman on the other hand is a minor disappointment in some regards. I dislike the visual style, it is a bit too grey and grim for me. Now, the action on display and especially Gald Gadot, who already had a great screen presence in BvS, look great and the trailer gives us a first glimpse at the story. But it feels familiar: A superhero who has a first mission during World War 2? That sounds a bit like the original Captain America movie and even though this movie looks different, it already feels a bit old to me.

I really love the Marvel Netflix shows. Both Daredevil and Jessica Jones managed to surprise me with their quality. Luke Cage has a huge advantage to the the debuts of the other two shows: His character was already introduced in Jessica Jones and he was quite impressive in that show. Judging by this trailer, we’ll be getting quite a lot of action, though I wished it would also give more background and plot details.

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