Wii-rd Games: LIT

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The Wiiware service was pretty overlooked during the last generation. It’s not a big surprise, considering how well supported XBLA and PSN were at the time. That doesn’t mean there weren’t any interesting games available on Wiiware though. I already covered a couple of them here and LIT is another game for the service that shows just how creative some devs were on the tiny download service that could and deserves it’s place in the spotlight of this feature.

LIT screen

LITs basic concept is fairly simple: You’re in a dark room and you have to get to the exit with the help of various tools that can illuminate certain areas of said room. These can be lamps, windows, TV-screens and projectors. If you touch the darkness, monstrous hand come and and grab you in order to drag you to your certain doom. You have a flash light that helps you see in the darkness, but nothing in the way of defensive weapons. The slingshot is used to break windows and let the sunlight in and you can also find TV remotes in order to switch them on from a distance, but that is pretty much it.

LIT found the exit.jpg

With these tools you have to find a way to get to the exit. If you’re quick enough to reach the ringing phone in some stages, you can also chat a bit with your girlfriend you’re trying to save. It’s a neat incentive to replay some of the levels in order to get more bits of the background story. And you’ll be interested in the story because the atmosphere of the game is just so engrossing: It’s dark and gritty and there’s a true feeling of desperation in the air. It’s remarkably close to a Silent Hill game and it’s the main reason why I include this game in this series: At first you think that such an atmosphere wouldn’t fit a puzzle game, but in actuality it’s what makes LIT so great.

LIT Cutscene.jpg

The puzzle designs themselves become quite challenging after a short time and even though you’ll die often, the game doesn’t really punish it for you, as the stage is restarted fairly quickly. That helps reducing frustration quite a lot and keeps you engaged over a long period of time. The game also uses the Wiis controls in fun ways: You can use your flashlight by pointing with the Wii-Remonte and you can aim the slingshot the same way. The game switches to an over the shoulder perspective as soon as you do that, which helps a lot.

Lit Collecting Items.jpg

If you don’t own a Wii or Wii U, you’re in luck, since the game has also been released on iOS devices. It’s definitely worth a look, since the concept is really solid and the overall presentation make it so interesting and unique. IT’s certainly one of the best games on the Wiiware service and you shouldn’t miss it if you’re a fan of the Wii.

2 thoughts on “Wii-rd Games: LIT

  1. Ooh, nice job visiting this game! I only played the demo, but the dark/light seemed really creative. I didn’t know it was WayForward. That makes me more interested in it now!

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