How can Nintendo keep the Wii U alive?

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Using a screenshot of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, even though it’s not mentioned in the article. The game needs some exposure though, so there you go.

It’s really not a secret anymore that the Wii U is dying a slow death right now. While there are still some big games coming, like a new Paper Mario and Zelda, the console’s days are numbered. Since Nintendo doesn’t want to produce any big title for the console anymore, here are a few ideas on how the company can keep the platform alive none the less.

Support the Virtual Console more!

I’m kind of bummed out by how little support the Virtual Console got during this console’s lifespan. Sure, there have been some great new games added to the service, especially Earthboung (Zero) and all those GBA titles. Still, it seems Nintendo has dropped support in favour of the New 3DSes SNES games, which is unfortunate. There are many more gems out there that could be put on the platform.

Drop digital prices

It would make a lot of sense to permanently drop the prices of all the great software that has been released on the Wii U over the past years. There are some great titles out there, that need more time in the spotlight and I think it would help late adopters to collect and experience all the great titles that exist for the platform. Permanent drops for the best Indie titles would also be a great idea, since it would give the Wii U versions of many Indie games a slight advantage over the others.

Re-release Gamecube games digitally

The Gamecube has a great library of games. Some of them are really hard to find, especially if you don’t want to dole out a lot of cash (looking at you, Paper Mario!). It would be great if Nintendo could release them as digital downloads, just like they are already doing for some Wii games. All these games need is the ability to play off-screen and I’d be happy already!

More Wii and DS releases for the system

I know I already talked about the Virtual console, but I feel that Wii and DS games are a bit special, since they are newer than most games on the Virtual Console. While a lot of them are still available in physical form, I like to play all my games in one place and I think it would give people a great opportunity to discover some neat niche titles.

So, these are my suggestions. Got any ideas how Nintendo can keep the system alive yourself? Share them with me in the comments!

2 thoughts on “How can Nintendo keep the Wii U alive?

  1. Great ideas! This is a hard question since Nintendo’s pretty adamant to not release any other games after TMS besides Paper Mario: Color Splash. An easy answer would be finally releasing Mother 3 for the west, but that wouldn’t necessarily sell Wii U units. At the very least, they can continue to make existing Wii U owners satisfied with some good surprise eShop releases like NES Remix 3 or even SNES Remix. That way, Nintendo won’t get such negative buzz about their dying system during the wait for Zelda and the NX.


  2. They won’t keep it alive. Nintendo is a very forward thinking company. They will do the bare minimum to keep the current Wii U owners content until the “NX” comes out and then it’s showtime. This is coming from someone who loves Nintendo very much. Not a bad thing. But you have some great ideas and articles.

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