Virtual Console Gems: Devil’s Crush (Turbografx-16)

Screen 1

It’s no secret that I love pinball games, be it real or virtual ones. Since I was a child, I had a certain fascination with them, even though the physical machines pretty much disappeared in the early 2000’s. However, the amount of virtual pinball games increased and in a world with titles like Pinball Arcade or Pinball FX 2, there’s always a quick fix for your needs. But there are also some great older pinball games out there and when the Virtual Console launched on Wii, I finally got to discover Devil’s Crush.

Screen 2

The atmosphere of Devil’s Crush is thick and intense: It’s full of horror imagery – Demons, skeletons and Dragons fill the screen while you try to crack the highscore. The music, composed by Toshiaki Sakoda (M.u.s.c.h.a., Baroque), fits the tone and pace of the game so perfectly that it stays with you even after you turn the console off. Together with the well produced sound effects, the game really comes alive and has a amazingly eerie atmosphere to it that I really dig. And it achieves all that on a TurboGrafx-16 too, which makes it even that more impressive.

Screen 3

The ball physics, while not being as accurate as in modern pinball games, are pretty spot on too! After some time you’ll be able to hit targets fairly easily and racking up huge amounts of points becomes easy. The game is simply a blast to play, thanks to the easy controls and the amazing atmosphere.

Screen 4

While there’s only one table in the game, there are several substages where you have to complete various tasks, like breaking up demon worshippers during a ritual. Your ultimate goal is it to reach 999 Million Point in order to trigger a secret ending. I never made it that far, but I play this game regularly, mostly for the atmosphere, but also for the fun gameplay.

There is also a version for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. When the Turbografx-16 version hit the Virtual Console on July 27th 2007 it was the first time Europeans could get their hands on the game, since the TurboGrafx-16 itself was never released here. The Sega Mega Drive version also never made it over here, so this is pretty much the only way we have to play this game. Interestingly enough, Devil’s Crush seems to be available on the Wii U version of the Virtual console too, but only in Japan.

If you enjoy pinball games or just dig the TurboGrafx-16, this game is definitely worth checking out. I’m coming back to this one time and time again and it has always been a load of fun!

One thought on “Virtual Console Gems: Devil’s Crush (Turbografx-16)

  1. I like how these old Sega games all come to virtual consoles, otherwise I would have never discovered them.


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