Breath of the Wild got me hyped!

While I was disappointed at first that Nintendo was only going to show the latest The Legend of Zelda game at E3, I must admit that what has been shown of the game has made me excited. That’s exceptional in and of itself, since I’m not a huge Zelda fan, and I still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the classics of the franchise. Normally, I don’t pay much attention to a new Zelda game, but there are several reasons why it’s different this time around.

The latest Zelda is a breath of fresh air. Gone is the overly formulaic approach! Instead we get a more open world approach, that reminds me of games like Skyrim. You can go anywhere you want and tackle any situation in the way you prefer. This feels very fresh for a Zelda game and the climbing mechanics even further this sense that you do whatever you please. The general direction is quite interesting to me and I have to say that it looks very promising.

There are the small things though, that fascinate me the most: No huge animations anymore when you open chests, very punctuated usage of music and the way the world tells the story without cutscenes (at least as far as we can see). This doesn’t only speed the game up and gets rid of a lot of repetition that was present in the last games, it also feels like a big departure for the franchise as a whole. Exploration is now front and centre, and the world you’re exploring seems like it’s living and breathing.

The amazing graphics at display really show, how far the series has come. Huge plains, majestic mountains and snow-covered peaks look awesome in the Anime-inspired look and animations are fluid too. While I really enjoy the look of the game, I wonder how big improvements would be on a better hardware, in this case the Nintendo NX. I hope Nintendo shows off the game on that hardware soon, because right now, this could be the killer-app for the NX when it launches with the console.

How about you, were you impressed by what Nintendo has shown us of the game so far?

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