Impressions: Resident Evil 7 – Beginning Hour

Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour_20160614114901

The playable teaser is a fairly new way of showing off a game to the audience. P.T. Was one of the first games to do this in order to tease a new Silent Hill title, that unfortunately would never see the light of day. Taking some cues from Konami, Capcom has released a playable teaser for the upcoming Resident Evil 7. I gave the teaser a try and was positively surprised.

Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour_20160614114346

You start off lying on the floor in a house that seems to be abandoned. You remember how you got free, but nothing else. The game gives you a simple objective: Find the exit! So, you start looking around and explore this creepy house full of disgusting and shocking things, strange noises and eerie photos. You collect items, search trough cabinets for anything that could help, until you find the back-door. It is locked, so you turn back and try to find the key…

Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour_20160614114424

The teaser is fairly short: I reached what I assume is the end in 30 minutes. I could have spent more time with it, especially since there are items and switches that I couldn’t do anything with, so I might give it a second try. As far as I can tell, there seem to be several different endings too, so you will need to revisit several times in order to see everything. This is of course a great way of making more people interested in the teaser and the game: Since there is a real sense of mystery, more and more people will try to solve everything and find all the secrets and clues hinting at what the final game is all about.

Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour_20160614114538

It certainly made me look forward to the game, since this teaser is really atmospheric and gives me a very positive first impression of what the game could be like. After the loud and frenetic Resident Evil 6 that I personally didn’t care for much and the mediocre Revelations 2, this could be the game that brings me back to the franchise. I can’t wait to see more of the actual game.

3 thoughts on “Impressions: Resident Evil 7 – Beginning Hour

  1. I think the move to first-person is going to be a big benefit to the series (although let’s try to forget RE:Survivor). It worked really well for the atmosphere in the demo.

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