Review: Game of Thrones – No One (Season 6, Episode 8)

Game of Thrones No One

Photo Credit: HBO

This season of Game of Thrones has been amazing so far. The many twists the last two episodes delivered kept me on the edge of my seat, with old characters making a return and plotlines that progress way faster than I expected. Episode 8 of this season, titled “No One” is stronger than the last episode: It prepares us for a season finale that should be an absolute highlight of the series.

The most important development, at least in my opinion, is happenening in Aryas story arc: She managed to escape and seeks help from Lady Crane, the actress she was tasked to kill. She gets nursed back to help, but the Waif finds her and kills Lady Crane. While Arya escapes, she manages to finally confront the Waif and is now able to return to Westeros. It’s a great conclusion to the arc a lot of fans have been waiting for and it looks like we’ll have a lot more awesome moments with Arya in the future.

Sandor Clegane also has some amazing scenes, since he is hunting down the people that killed his friends. Clegane tries to find a new place for himself and it seems like there’s the possibility of him joining the Brotherhood Without Banners. While I have no idea where his arc could lead him, it certainly could take some interesting directions.

The Bulk of this episode is made up by Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth at the siege of Riverrun. There are some great dialogues that give a lot of insight into the relationship between Jaime and Brienne and we also get a deeper look at Jaime himself. Overall, the tension is high and it makes for a great arc that is resolved in this episode, while still tying into the fate of Sansa and John in the North, even though they make no appearance in this episode.

The weakest link has to be the arc with Tyrion Lannister: Even though there is some progress, by the end, it all feels like a huge tease for the next episode. But it works, I’m certainly looking forward to it, since I want to see how it’s all resolved. All pieces now seem in place for the finale, which is also true for Cercei, who is now pretty much betrayed by her own son and is in an open fight with the faith.

Overall, this was a strong episode, where we get more insight into the characters and their place in the finale. I give this episode an 8/10!

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