Let’s Play Recap and Schedule #1

Since the beginning of this week, I’ve restarted the Youtube channel of CultureGeekBlog! Over there, you can see all the videos uploaded for features like Wii-rd Games, but also Let’s Plays. I’m going to share an update with you every Saturday on what’s been uploaded and what you can look forward too. Hit the jump for all the info!

Right now, there are four episodes of the Let’s Play to Goichi Suda’s classic Lollipop Chainsaw online. During the next week, there’s going to be an episode each and I aim for 10-20 minutes per episode.

Don’t forget about my Let’s Play of Tomena Sanner, the first Wii-rd Game I covered!

Next up will be HunieCam Studio, a naughty simulator game, where I have five episodes recorded. They’ll go online from Monday to Friday. Subscribe to the channel to always stay on top of the updates! Also, if there are game you want to see me play, you can leave your suggestions in the comments.

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