Pre-E3 Trailer Reactions


E3 is getting close and new trailers are coming out pretty much every day. After having talked about the recent leaks, I decided to check out three trailers and share my honest opinions with you. So without any further ado, let’s head right to it!

Watchdogs 2 is one of the most prominent games that got leaked before E3. This is because their first trailer was being played on Twitch an entire day before it initially should. And it’s an impressive trailer, that got my interest peaked: The music fits the action well and the graphics look great. No idea if it’s actually in-game graphics, since we don’t see any gameplay, but it’s a nice trailer that sets the mood for the game. It’s always a bit disappointing for me to not see any gameplay, but maybe they’ll show off more during E3. So far, the game looks promising thanks to its setting and that’s pretty much all I can say about it right now. We need to be careful of course, since we’ve been burnt once before when it comes to Watch_Dogs and announcement trailers. And the insane discussions around this second trailer are just entirely too predictable. But check out Jim Sterlings fun round-up of… less fun comments…

Injustice 2 is a neat surprise to me. While I really enjoyed the first game, I never would have thought that a direct sequel would happen. Now that it is coming, I’m certainly looking forward to it, as I feel like fighting games are having a hard time during this generation. Even though this trailer also doesn’t show any gameplay footage, it gives us an idea about what’s going to change: It shows off the armors that apparently all the super-heroes can wear now! What this means in terms of gameplay, we don’t know yet, but I’ll keep my eyes on this one for sure!

I really enjoyed Saints Row 3 and 4 (though to a lesser degree) so when I heard there’s a new game coming from Volition, I was all ears. The trailer is unfortunately yet another one of the ‘non-gameplay’ variety. But at least it gives us the mood of the game and… it’s quite funny and full of energy. It has a very unique, cartoony style mixed with some pretty harsh humour that had me snicker at times. I’m very interested what genre the game will be and how it will play. The title suggest open-world to me, but I could be wrong.

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