Too long, didn’t play

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Videogames are my favourite pastime. I play them more than I watch movies, read books or comic books or consume any other medium there is. However, it’s also the only medium where I don’t finish everything I start. When it comes to books, movie, shows and the like, I normally finish them, sooner or later. But there are many, many games I have given up on.

It hasn’t been always that way. During my PlayStation 1 days, I feel like I finished way more games than now. I had more time to play videogames, of course, but I still think I was more focused on them. This changed with the evolution in my taste. I started enjoying RPGs more and more. A lot of the games that are lying around and collecting dust now are JRPGs and that might be the biggest part of the problem: While I love to collect JRPGs, I rarely put the time into them to properly play them. So most of them I’ve played for about 2-3 hours on average, but never made it far. There are exceptions to this, mainly the Persona series and games like Radiant Historia and Fire Emblem: Awakening, but they are few and far between.

8-12 hour games are way more manageable. 4-Hour experiences? Those I can deal with even better. Especially when you have a job and even a family, your free-time is going to be very precious. And while I was able to play 20-30 hours per week when I was younger, that’s simply not the case anymore. Besides that, there are way more multiplayer games around these days that demand more time from you to master them. So, your free time is going to be even more reduced. And since you don’t only want to play videogames but also want to enjoy other media, finishing games becomes near impossible.

What’s the solution? Well, I think shorter games is one possible route to go. Well placed checkpoints in addition to auto-saves are also a great help, since they let you stop at any moment in order to play again at a later moment in time more easily. Adjustable difficulty settings and even content settings (Let me focus on story instead of combat for example) are also great ways to make it easier for more people to enjoy a game. One of the reasons I enjoy portable gaming so much is because a lot of them are designed to be interrupted at any moment.

How about you? Are you experiencing the same thing? What’s your solution?

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7 thoughts on “Too long, didn’t play

  1. Same for me. Even in the past days I gave up on many games. And unfortunately now is even worse… 😦


  2. Idk, I mean, this is not is not supposed to be an insult at all, but I don’t really like articles much which simply state something about the given person to be the case, then asking the reader if the’ye got the same experience, perhaps in a search for validation. It just doesn’t add much insight to my life I guess. You did come with some ideas on how to fix this issue though, so that’s appreciated.

    That aside, as I see videogames as an artform and take them rather seriously, I always try to give different games a fair chance, but I too don’t always finish them. Some games don’t interest me enough, or they plain aren’t worth it. However I do always try to learn something from all the experience I do get, and that’s worth something. But yeah, I could probably write a longer text on this issue as it’s pretty interesting.


  3. I can totally relate to this!


  4. I don’t mind playing games that are long if it’s a good game. Though, I can agree with you that games are getting longer and longer, and sometimes it is not always good. Developers have a way to trick consumers into thinking that they are a gamer if they play games for several hours. Videogames have become more mainstream now so I am speculating that long games such as Final Fantasy XIV is intended to appeal to a wider audience.Casual games make consumers feel like they achieved something. Quite frankly I want to play shorter but more difficult games.

    I hope I don’t offend anyone out there. Just my opinion.


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