Review: Preacher – See (Season 1, Episode 2)

Preacher See

Photo Credit: AMC

Two weeks ago, the first episode of Preacher surprised me. It was a very solid pilot that established many of the essential characters from the comic book and did it with style. It’s only natural that my expectations for the second episode were pretty high. Will the series continue in a similar fashion or will there be a drop-off in quality after that first episode?

I’m happy to tell you that there’s no drop-off. I think that this second episode is pretty much a direct continuation of where we left off. Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip all get enough screen time to develop. The main arc focuses on Jesse, who tries his best to become a better preacher, which gives his character more depth. We also see his relations to Cassidy and Tulip evolve further. Cassidy and him grow closer, become drinking buddies, while Tulip still tries to get him to do the job with her. He also finally discovers his powers when he is dealing with a pedo-schoolbusdriver that confessed his ‘urges’ to him. While he is a bit too quick to understand what’s going on, it makes for a fun scene.

Speaking of fun scenes, Cassidy gets the only fight scene in this episode and it’s pretty much the best one so far, since it features a chainsaw. It’s also nice to see that practical effects have a place in this series, which makes for some very effective moments. Joseph Gilgun really brings the character to live in these moments and his snarky comments make him an overall enjoyable character. Overall, the second episode shows us, how well the show is cast. Ruth Negga owns every single moment she’s on screen, just like in the first episode. And while I felt that Dominic Cooper was a biter underplaying his role, the second episode managed to sell me on him. Especially during his scenes with the pedo, he really manages to sell the anger that is boiling under the surface.

I give this episode an 8/10 for being a very solid continuation of the first one and setting up great things to come. Can’t wait for next week!

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