Is Miitomo dead?

Miitomo dead

Source: Nintendo

Miitomo saw a huge start when it launched. It reached millions of download very quickly, shot into the top download charts in many countries and it was all the rage on other social media. Many shared their silly photos and ridiculous answers they gave to some questions on Twitter and we were all eager to try out new outfits. But after two months in, I feel like Miitomo is already dead.

I’ve stopped playing it about three weeks ago. While my interest was kept high at the beginning thanks to the coins you can earn, even those cannot get me back into it. I had a couple of days of inactivity before, sure, but I came back for those Splatoon costumes. Unfortunately, none of the new content since then really makes me go back to play it again. There’s just not enough content there to justify it and barely any gameplay to speak off.

Another reason why I’m not using it that much is, that I’m fairly active on other social media already. With Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube taking up most of my time and attention, it’s really hard to justify using another social media that is so very limited in its functionality and appeal. And if you’re just going through the motions in order to get some coins, that’s not saying something good about your social network.

I know I’m not alone. Dan Van Winkle from The Mary Sue already wrote up his feelings on the issue and Gamasutra shared some in-depth data concerning the app. And sure enough, the number of users is declining each week. Nintendo has once again squandered the momentum and I’m not sure if they can get it back for Miitomo. If Nintendo goes ahead and provides more tie-ins with their games, I might use the app more. The Splatoon costumes were great and I really enjoyed getting them. But right now, there’s very little there that makes me want to come back. How about you, are you still using the app?

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One thought on “Is Miitomo dead?

  1. I’m no longer using the app because I can’t use the app at all! Error code 801-1450; supposed to be a connection issue, but all of my other apps and websites load just fine with the wifi connection I’m on. And the app used to work perfectly. Oh well, I guess I’m not missing out on much anyway, judging by the number of comments on this blog before me.


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