Review: Game of Thrones – Blood of my Blood (Season 6, Episode 6)


The last episode of Game of Thrones got a huge amount of attention. #Holdthedoor was pretty much everywhere on social media and the fever for this series has reached a new high. Episode 6, titled “Blood of my Blood”, doesn’t have a huge moment like the last one, but still provides enough for everyone. Brace for spoilers in my review ahead!

Several plotlines get advanced in this new episode: There’s Bran fleeing from the white walkers, Sam arriving at his home with Gilly, Margaret’s walk of atonement and Aryas first assassination. The fascinating thing is, that they all get a conclusion in this episode, that is totally worth your while and lead into the next big story arc, that will keep you watching.

It’s hard to pick the best plotline in this one, thanks to the many twists and turns. Benjen Stark saving Bran from the white walkers was a huge surprise for me, as I was expecting him to be long dead. But here he is, kicking ass by killing off several white walkers like it’s no big deal. On the other hand, Sam turns against his father after a long scene of humiliation and when he steals the sword, he seemed like a real bad ass for once.

Arya’s development in this episode shouldn’t be overlooked either though. While you could certainly see it coming, she refuses to kill the actress and gives up her training. That won’t be without consequences though, since her master has now decided to kill her off. So, I guess there’ll be a big fight between her and the other girl, and that will make for an interesting Episode 7 all by itself.

The double twist at the walk of atonement is something I really loved. For a moment, it looked like a lot of blood would be spilled, but instead a holy alliance between the crown and the faith is announced. What this implies isn’t fully clear yet, but since King Tommen relieves Jaime Lannister from his service to the King’s Guard, I guess huge changes are coming.

The episode ends on Danny finally finding her Dragon and rallying her troops around her. She seems to be ready to cross the narrow sea again and take back what’s hers: the iron throne! My guess is that the next episode will focus more on her, as all the other plotlines got a lot of development in this episode.

Overall, this has been a very solid episode that continues a season that has been really good so far. It just keeps you guessing and each plotline has its own hook. Too bad we didn’t see any development on Jon Snows side or on the Iron Islands. But at least things are evolving swiftly. That’s why I give this episode an 8/10!

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