This Mighty No. 9 trailer will make you cry like an Anime fan on prom night


Marketing can make or break a game’s success. But this trailer for Mighty No. 9 has already spawned quite some negative reactions. Now, I’ve already written about the past of this game, but in case you’re new to this: After a really successful Kickstarter campaign, the game got pushed back several times and thanks to the terrible ways it was communicated, fans are not happy at all. So, what’s wrong with this trailer?

Well, there’s the tone for instance. Somehow, they decided to go for a 90’s vibe here, but all it does is make you cringe. The narrator is horrible and I would say intentionally so, but if this is supposed to be one huge joke, then I don’t see the punchline. It’s not building up to a big laugh or a resolution, it’s just… there? The music is horribly overblown and unfitting – I’d personally preferred more from the videogame soundtrack. The graphics seem bad at some places, especially those explosions, and the jokes… oh boy…

The jokes terrible. You know you’re in trouble when “There’s probably a dash that makes you breakfast” is your high mark and it still doesn’t make sense. “And make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night” is the most insulting one in my opinion, especially considering the game goes for Anime aesthetics. Basically insulting your fanbase is not a good idea when your game already has a track-record of disappointing the intended audience.

The marketing efforts of Deep Silver don’t go unrewarded: the trailer has 240k+ views and already more than 9.000 thumbs down. I’m not surprised. What do you think about the trailer?

Edit: Check out this great article on Polygon that dives way deeper than my short analysis here.

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One thought on “This Mighty No. 9 trailer will make you cry like an Anime fan on prom night

  1. You know what’s the worst part about this? Thanks to those unorganized hacks people will go from doubting to straight up hating ambitious Kickstarter projects, stuff like GRIP, Indivisible and Project Nimbus, made by people who actually give a damn about what they’re doing.
    Thanks, Keji.


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