First Impressions: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4

I’m relatively new to the Uncharted games: I only got recently into the series when I bought and played the Collection on PS4. I had a blast while playing it and was looking forward to the fourth and final game. Now, I’m a couple of hours into the fourth instalment and I want to share my first impressions with you.

Without going to deep into the story (I really want to avoid spoilers), I really enjoy the characters and the writing. Old-standing characters like Sully and Elena can of course profit a lot from the fact that they have always been around, but also new characters like Sam are immediately likeable and interesting. Since you’re almost always moving around with another character, there’s constant dialogue going on, which is something I already enjoyed in The Last of Us.

The beginning of the game is slow. Really slow. Maybe to slow for my own taste. While I appreciate the story being set up well, it became a bit boring after some time. Fortunately enough, the game picks up soon after and displays the new diversity it has to offer in the gameplay department: New underwater sections, better stealth, long exploration runs and short bursts of action are mixed together so well, that the hours just fly by.

I even got around to play a couple of rounds in multiplayer, which I enjoyed way more than I originally thought. While the presence of microtransactions is really unfortunate, the henchmen and artefacts you can get during multiplayer are very interesting and fun diversions from the stale multiplayer formulas you find everywhere else.

As soon as I finish the Singleplayer and get some more time with the multiplayer I’ll write up a review. Right now the outlook is quite positive!

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