Trailer Reaction: Ghostbusters (Official Trailer 2)

A lot has already been said and written about the new Ghostbusters movie. Even though it hasn’t hit the theatres yet, many have voiced their opinion on the first trailer. The response seems to be overwhelmingly negative, but how does the new, second trailer hold up?

A lot of the problems, that the first trailer had, are present in this new one: The jokes are still badly timed and the CGI is worse than the special effects we saw in the original movies. I might be biased when it comes to the last one, as I consider well done practical effects superior to CGI any day. But there’s something off about those new special effects they use for the ghosts. They seem extremely fake, like the ghosts don’t really exist as a physical object in the world of the actors. Sure, they are ghosts, but the demons and monsters from the original seemed more real and their design was way more scary. And these things just aren’t scary.

Then there are the jokes. Some of them fail because of bad timing, which could be the result of them being edited together for the trailer. Others are just pretty bland. Vomiting ghosts are not really funny and the reactions to it fall victim to awkward writing. Selfies with a ghost? Pretty desperate. It’s like they had no good ideas to begin with. I really hope this doesn’t reflect the movie too much, but I’m scared it does.

The final insult might be that the trailer actually spoilers you. Nobody needed to know the receptionist would turn evil and might be the mastermind behind the plot. It adds pretty much nothing to the trailer, as it’s a mere seconds long and it also seems kind of desperate, since it tries to add some emotional drama that just can’t work because we have no relation whatsoever with the character. And the way I see it, they go for the ‘lame sidekick’ routine, which really doesn’t help in this case.

My expectations for this movie are really low, even after this second trailer. I’d be amazed if it’d managed to be even worse than I think it is. What about you?

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3 thoughts on “Trailer Reaction: Ghostbusters (Official Trailer 2)

  1. I’m going to skip this one and call it boycotting. Rest in peace and Ramis. Thanks for the read!

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  2. I have a huge problem – because I am soooo hooked. I am really looking forward to this movie. I think it looks amazing, I like the jokes and the Actors – and I like the CGI, because it loos unique.
    I am a huge fan of the original movie – and I have one rule: No comparing. It’s like comparing a book and it’s movie – you just can’t win.

    It’s just a movie that tries to bring an old idea back to life – I personally think that I will enjoy it. I don’t understand all the hate, honestly. I like it and I think i will pretty much enjoy it on the cinema screen.


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