Does Infinite Warfare deserve all this hate?

Call of Duty is a cultural phenomenon. Not only do the games sell million of copies, but they also define the formula for pretty much all the First-Person shooters that are around. But there’s no denying, that the series’ popularity has been in a decline. However, I was quite surprised by the huge amount of dislikes the announcement trailer for the latest entry in the franchise, Infinite Warfare, got. But does it deserve all this hate?

Right now, the trailer is closing in on 2 Million dislikes. It already is the most disliked trailer for a videogame ever. You could argue that this is nothing compared to the 20 million views the trailer got overall, but it’s hard to ignore this huge number of dislikes. Will the game still sell well? Of course!

Some of this has been attributed to the setting of the new game. It is yet another Call of Duty set in the near future, which is just too much for some. In recent years, we had Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 already taking place in the future. Even the disliked Call of Duty: Ghosts played in a dystopian future and it certainly hasn’t helped the franchise.

Call of Duty seems to be stagnating, not only when it comes to gameplay, but also when it comes to the setting. What’s worse is the fact that Battlefield, the biggest competition the Call of Duty franchise has ever seen, now takes place in a World War I setting. Not only does this fit the current presence of the First World War in popular culture, it is also the exact opposite to what Call of Duty is doing right now. It certainly differentiates those two franchises quite a bit, after several years of Battlefield trying to catch up to Call of Duty, they are finally trying to do their own thing again!

I also think that the whole Modern Warfare HD-Remake controversy is having some impact here. The original Modern Warfare is a game loved by many and the HD-Remake is being held hostage by Infinite Warfare: You have to buy a special edition in order to get the remake. Now, I’m almost certain a stand-alone version will release sooner or later (my guess is sooner), but right now, this seems to be the only way, to get it.

So, does the game deserve all this hate? Not really. Yes, I do understand the reasons: The setting is unoriginal and gating of the remake of Modern Warfare seems like a dick move, but since nobody can actually say anything about the quality of the game right now, it’s unfair to only judge it on the basis of the announcement trailer. As soon as more real gameplay footage pops up, I think we can give the game the criticism it deserves. What do you think?

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One thought on “Does Infinite Warfare deserve all this hate?

  1. If the devs do even a fraction of what they’ve told they’re going to try it out, this is going to be the best CoD game, the actual best of the series. Assaulting dreadnaughts while dodging missile barrages to board them on foot? Count me in, mate.


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