Getting into “The Legend of Zelda” – Part 2

Zelda Mastersword

After getting those three medallions, it’s finally time to venture on and get that legendary Master Sword! So I make my way down that mountain I had so much trouble climbing up just an hour before and head into a creepy forest, in order to find the sword and rescue Zelda!

And it wasn’t all that hard to find either! Sure, there were some fakes lying around, but none of them could trick me. I just knew it had to be in a special place that just screams ‘epic’. And sure enough, after some looking around, finding a heart piece by accident (which netted me an extra heart!) I arrive at a place where a lot of small animals (did I see squirrels? I sure did!) are running around and I just knew I was right.

Zelda Forest

Besides the obvious visual upgrade, the Master Sword lets you shoot magic at full health, which was a big surprise to me! And every time a game from the 90’s manages to surprise me, that’s a good sign! It switches combat up a bit: enemies that were tough before since they tried to take you out from the distance are now way easier… as long as you’re at full health, that is. It makes combat more interesting and it rewards your good performance. In terms of mechanics, this is a nice little addition that I really appreciate.

So I make my way back to the castle (with a short stop at the cathedral in order to witness a short, dramatic, blinky death) in order to save Zelda. I get lost in the castle, which is my bad for not remembering where the actual tower of the castle is. However, I manage to find my way to it and I get to play a fun dungeon, with a lot of varied enemy-encounters and some easy puzzles. The addition of darkness and pitfalls makes for some very challenging bits and so far, this has to be my favourite “dungeon”.

Zelda Battle

The boss was a bit of a disappointment though. Not only does the game tell you upfront how to beat him, but throwing back his own projectiles at him is pretty old nowadays. Maybe back when it was released, this was something new and fresh, but I think we all know the drill by now. I prefer the giant worm from the last dungeon.

After the boss fight, I get sent into the other dimension and I’m still a bunny. A short check of my walk-through guide I keep at hand if I ever get stuck, and I see that I had a chance to get the moonpearl earlier. Well, now I have to get it in bunny-form, I guess…

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