Review: Active Raid (Episode 1)

Active Raid 2

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There are some Anime I just don’t get. Sometimes, the concept doesn’t grab me and other times, it’s the execution that I feel is lacking. With Active Raid, it’s probably both, even though it’s hard to tell just by judging the very first episode. But this mecha Anime has made for a bad start into this new Anime season for me.

The show focuses on Kazari Asami, who is tasked with leading Unit 8 of the „5th Special Public Security Section’s Mobile Assault Division”. Which is a fancy way of saying: It’s policemen in mobile armor suits. In the first episode, we get introduced to a bunch of character of said unit that is also called the “garbage unit”. Of course, Kazari Asami doesn’t fit in right away and is pretty useless until the end of the first mission, but at least we get a nice overlook of the characters, though it can feel a bit crowded in the first episode.

Active Raid 1.jpg

Even though this story should work on paper, the first episode really drags on. That’s mostly because the pacing is awful and the combat sequences lack impact. Worse, the few attempts at humour fall completely flat, since the timing is off and the writing is full of clichés. Same goes for the characters that we’ve all seen at least a hundred times in other anime.

Active Raid 3.jpg

On the plus side, the animation looks rather nice, with some neat 3D-Animation thrown in for good measure. But unfortunately, that alone doesn’t save this first episode from being a complete bore. I’ll give this series a second chance, but if the second episode doesn’t improve, this will be the first series I’ll stop watching this season.

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One thought on “Review: Active Raid (Episode 1)

  1. Agreed about the pacing needing improvements, but I did enjoy some of the jokes. Depends on how cerebral your sense of humor needs to be, I guess.

    Characters weren’t anything special so far and there’s similar types in a lot of older shows. It’s a very genre-centric production. That said, we haven’t gotten too many of those in anime lately, so there is a little nostalgia appeal here for me. It needs development though, or at least more room to breathe.


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