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Mad Max

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If there’s a game I am pleasantly surprised by, it’s Mad Max. While some reviews were positive, most of them described the game as being yet another sand box with no real defining qualities that set it apart from other open world games. Sure enough, the game is a mix of Shadows of Mordor, the modern Batman games and a bit of Assassin’s Creed thrown in there for good measure, but overall, it’s an enjoyable experience.

Since getting the game for christmas, I have to say I’m surprised by how many hours I already have spent on this game. Everything works pretty well: The driving feels good, combat is quick and dirty and the wasteland makes for a very atmospheric area. Actually, if there’s one defining quality about this game, it’s the wasteland: It’s huge and driving around in it while fighting off your enemies is a real joy.

There are some things that get on my nerves pretty easily though: The indicator that tells you how much you have looted a location is really immersion breaking. While it is useful information to know what can be found at one location, having a huge “100% Complete” sign pop up is a bit distracting and ridiculous. It really hurts the game’s stellar atmosphere.

That being said, I’m having a lot of fun with it right now and I might write up a full review as soon as I have completed the game.

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One thought on “Now Playing: Mad Max

  1. Gebe dir absolut recht. Vor allem für ein Spiel, dass eine Adaption der Filmreihe ist. Meistens gehen gerade diese Versuche gründlich in die Hose. Aber nach dem erstaunlich guten Film Fury Road, der meiner Meinung nach seinen Vorgängern in nichts nachsteht (auch ein Wunder), ist Mad Max ein wirklich gutes Spiel, das einen auch eine Weile gut bei Laune hält. Ich finds auch super, dass das Schwierigkeitslevel schön und nahtlos mit anwächst. 🙂


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