Locked fun

photo credit: all locked up via photopin (license)

photo credit: all locked up via photopin (license)

If there is something I have always hated about the videogame industry, it’s regionlocking. While the practice is not unique to that branch of the entertainment industry, it’s certainly the most annoying when it comes to playing videogames. The frustrating thing is, that even though this is a really old practice, it’s still sticking around. Nintendo is still using this in order to control access to game for the Wii U and the 3DS, which in my opinion only hurts their consoles. Even their first humble bundle is regionlocked, which is just ridiculous!

The situation is of course more aggravating for European gamers. Not only does Nintendo artificially limit the games that come out here, but some publishers think of Europe last, and regionlocking doesn’t help, when you want to import the games. I myself love most things that Atlus publishes, but since they all but ignore Europe and since it takes months and sometimes years for their games to make it over to this continent. And I still have to wonder why those games take so long to come over here. It’s not like they are translating them to other languages, most of the time, we get the same English language version the U.S. Gets.

One of the main reasons, why I really love the Nintendo DS, is the fact that it’s regionfree. Why did Nintendo backpaddle later? It can’t be that hard, considering that Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Vita are regionfree. The pressure has been rising too, ever since Operation Rainfall and communities like “End Region blocking” have sprung up. While Nintendo has said that they would look into the issue in the future, I am not too convinced that something will really happen.

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