Please stop swearing, Moira

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a fun game, but if there’s something that really annoys me, it’s the fact that Moira, Barry Burtons daughter, swears so much. It’s not just the sheer amount of swearing that is so irritating, but also the quality of the swearing that really turns me off when it comes to this character.

Of course, complaining about the writing in a Resident Evil game is a bit weird and also really overdone. The series always has has a history of being awfully written, but I feel like Moira is a new step in the entirely wrong direction for the entire franchise. Because of her constant and ridiculous swearing, she comes off as a one note character: A young woman with a potty mouth who’s hung up on her daddy issues. Not really interesting, if you ask me.

Her constant bitching doesn’t help either and her reluctance to use a gun in that situation feels really contrived and forced. It’s almost as if the writers don’t want you to relate to the character or find her sympathetic at all. What makes things worse is the fact that Claire isn’t annoyed herself, but seems to be pretty understanding. I guess dealing with Moira regularly wears you out?

That’s also why I enjoyed the second half of the game way more, at least when it comes to the story. With the switch to Barry Burton, we get Natalia as a companion. Natalia is quiet and intelligent, the very opposite of Moira. In many ways, she is more mature than Moira, who just comes across as being childish. What Moira represents is, what a child would think how adults behave, and by that, she seems a lot more like a child. Natalias behaviour on the other hand fits the actual tone of the game, the atmosphere and the overall presentation.

I think it’s good that I actually can’t write many negative things about Claire and Barry. They are well established characters (at least for the most part) and are written with their history in mind. Personally, I think that Barry is a bit more enjoyable, if only for the fact, that we rarely got to see him in the other games. It’s about time we get to play as him – and because of that, I am looking forward to episode 2!

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One thought on “Please stop swearing, Moira

  1. It feels like it doesn’t even belong in the game, proven so by just how odd it is with the games tone in this highlight video. What happened here Capcom, seriously.


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