Review: Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! Episode 1

Copyright: TV Tokyo/Crunchyroll

Copyright: TV Tokyo/Crunchyroll

„Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!“ is a weird name for an equally weird show. It’s also one of the very few Anime I liked from the very beginning. It’s strange, but charming, weird, but funny and it’s the first series I am going to pick up for this season. Hit the jump for all the reasons.

We start off with two naked men sitting in a bathtub, discussing the meaning of chikuwabu, which, if you’re not all that accustomed to Japanese culture is a tiny bit weird. A pink wombat (just roll with it) falls into their bath and after some struggles, they (and three friends) find their destiny: They are magical boys with the power of love and have to combat monsters, that appear to be transformed students.

If this seems overly silly to you, than be warned: You’re not prepared for this show! All the weirdness and over the top humour make this an unforgettable joyride! Almost all the jokes work, the pacing is awesome and all the characters are fun in their own way. My personal favourite is Yumoto, who is younger than the other boys and has an overly energetic way of dealing with almost anything. He provides some of the best jokes, since he has no troubles immediately adapting to new situations. He’s completely unphased by the fact that he now has magical powers and just dives into battle.

The animation style and music are pretty much standard fare, nothing that really stands out, but it’s good enough so you can enjoy what is going on. The voice actors however are spot on and deliver the lines in a convincing and sometimes over the top fashion.

Even the innuendos, and trust me, there are plenty of those, enhance the appeal of this first episode. However, I doubt they can keep this up (hah!) for an entire season, but that wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong. I’m picking this show up, because it is just so much fun and it will be interesting where they head with this concept. You can check out the show over at Crunchyroll.

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