Ten TV series that need a Telltale adaptation

Copyright: Ángel Raúl Ravelo Rodríguez (CC BY 2.0)

Copyright: Ángel Raúl Ravelo Rodríguez (CC BY 2.0)

After the enormous success of the Walking Dead games by Telltale and the new adaptation of Game of Thrones as one of their adventure games, I started wondering, if similar adaptations would make sense for other TV series. It didn’t take long for me to fill an entire list with ten franchises, that would fit the formula almost perfectly. Hit the jump to see, what I came up with!


Sliders is one of those TV-Series I never watched a whole lot but was somewhat fascinated by the premise. It toys around with parallel universes, wormholes and many interesting ideas. Showing off a different alternate universe to ours is an amazing idea and it would fit the episodic nature of Telltale Series really well. Sure, it would be shorter than a new season of the show, but it certainly beats having no Sliders at all.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Buffyverse allows for many side stories to take place, so this is a natural fit. Since every episode has some kind of investigation going on and pretty much always has some action involved, it would give some nice variation to the gameplay. The humor would also work great, since Telltale has already shown they can work with that too.


If there is a franchise you could make unlimited stand-alone episodes on, it’s the X-Files. While a side story certainly is possible, I think it would make the most sense to make some stand-alone ones, but other than that, it would make for a great investigation-heavy series. It would also be nice to see Agent Mulder and Scully again in some fresh adventures.


Yeah, some continuation of this is probably on top of many people’s lists. Personally, I don’t enjoy the franchise that much, but I can understand it’s appeal and it certainly would make for a great game, mostly thanks to the characters and the rich universe.

House of Cards

While this would be very low on action elements, it could make for an intriguing, more classical, adventure game. Politics are rarely a topic in videogames and for that alone I would be interested in how Telltale would treat this particular franchise. There certainly is enough room in the show for a few sidestories and some original characters.

Doctor Who

Since I’m still waiting for a really good game based on Doctor Who, this is probably the best chance to get one. Be it stand-alone adventures or several with an overarching plot, this franchise would be easy to adapt and would give Telltale a lot of free space (and time, of course) to work with. It would also be interesting, if you could switch control between the Doctor and one of his companions during the adventure.

Orange is the new Black

This show would make for one of the most interesting settings to be found in a videogame for quite some time. An all-female-prison with all the drama going on that can be seen in the show would be hard to pull off in a videogame, but if anyone can manage it, it’s Telltale. This is one of the cases where a straight forward adaptation might make more sense, since I have some trouble imagining possible spin-offs.


Since comedy shows are rare on this list, I picked Community. The unique set of characters and the humor would lend themselves pretty well for a videogame adaptation. Since most of the episodes from the show are stand-alone, you can do a six-episode series without any problem. There might even be an opportunity to bring back some characters that have disappeared from the show.

Breaking Bad

This is one of the more obvious choices. Breaking Bad was one of the most important shows of the past few years and lacks a good videogame adaptation. However, it seems to be one of the harder ones to pull off, since side stories are a bit harder to create here. Then again, there’s still the Better call Saul spin off show coming, so who knows?

Twin Peaks

Sure, there is that new TV-Series coming, but we know so little about it. Now, a game series based on Twin Peaks would be great for something more adventure heavy and it would be fun to see something by David Lynch adapted into a videogame. It’s one of the few examples on this list where I’d rather see a straight adaptation rather than a spin-off or a side story.

One thought on “Ten TV series that need a Telltale adaptation

  1. Firefly, Sherlock, and even Big Bang Theory would be awesome


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