Ten games of 2014 you might have overlooked


With indie games booming like they are at the moment, there are so many new games in a year, that it’s near impossible to notice all the good ones. Now there are so many hidden gems, that Steam created a curator system in order to help you find good games. Since 2014 is no behind us, I compiled a short list of a few notable games I think a lot of people overlooked.

10. Danganronpa 2 (PlayStation Vita)
While I don’t like it as much as the first one, this visual novel for the Vita has style and a very interesting story full of great twists that keep you interested for a long time. While the setting isn’t really my cup of tea, especially compared to the first one, I still keep coming back to this one and I probably will play it well into 2015.

9. Deception IV (PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita)
Deception IV flew under many people’s radar. The franchise hasn’t been around since the era of the PS2 and even back then it wasn’t well known. If you enjoy setting up traps and luring your enemies into them, this game is for you. If you also happen to like some very strange and very Japanese humour, then it’s even more amazing. Don’t forget there’s also a decent port for the PlayStation Vita out!

8. Crunch Time! (PC)
Now this is a weird little game I stumbled upon: It’s a card game based on developing videogames. The concept is fairly simple: A publisher wants a game from two game developers and they compete with each other in order to achive the minimal requirements of the publisher. While it’s certainly not the best card game out there, the concept is interesting enough for me to include it on this list.

7. Broforce (PC)

Broforce is parody done right: The game itself is an amazingly fun straight forward approach to 2D shooters with so many random and partially weird stuff going on that you can’t stop laughing when you play it for the first time. All the characters are parodies of Action movie heroes and the pixel-look is just fantastic.

6. Velocity Ultra 2X (PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita)

Velocity Vita
This game came out of nowhere for me! Even though I played the first one, I found it to be a bit boring, but this is a perfect sequel in almost every way: Levels are more varied, the graphics are more polished and the music is just brilliant.

5. Plague Inc. (PC, mobile)

Plague Inc Evolved 1
I wrote an entire blog post about why this game is great. But here’s the short version: You get to design your very own zombie apocalypse. That’s a selling point, right?

4. Shin Megami Tensei IV (Nintendo 3DS)
I love Shin Megami Tensei and hated waiting for this one for over a year. Still, this game is a lot of fun and probably one of the best JRPGs of this handheld generation, even though it’s really hard and sometimes quite frustrating.

3. Persona Q (Nintendo 3DS)
If there’s anything I love more than Shin Megami Tensei, it’s the Persona-franchise (which is now a proper spin-off of the aforementioned franchise, right?). Mixing Persona with Etrian Odyssey should not work as well as it does here, but if you have any love for JRPGs or Dungeon Crawlers, this game is for you.

2. Danganronpa (PlayStation Vita)
Danganronpa was a surprise hit for me. Everything here is spot on: The art design, the music, the plot and the characters. If there is one game you should have bought for your Vita in 2014, it’s this one. This is one of the best Visual Novels ever made!

1. Crypt of the Necrodancer (PC)

I haven’t spoken to a single person that played this game and disliked it. Okay, that might be because a peer group can only be that big, but the enthusiasm many have for this game is justified: It’s a rhythm game crossed with a rogue like. While the controls could be better, this game is really addictive in its nature and has an awesome soundtrack, that I just keep coming back for. Since it’s early access, it’s only going to grow in size too!

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5 thoughts on “Ten games of 2014 you might have overlooked

  1. Crypt of the Necrodancer sounds like my kind of game, I’m defo gonna check it out! Really digging roguelike indies right now.


  2. I love velocity 2x, but it got lost in the sea of “great” triple a games. It is definitely first on my list to finish. Good read


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