A quick look at: Plague Inc: Evolved

Plague Inc Evolved 1

While I am a pretty active mobile gamer, I don’t spend a lot of time playing on a smartphone. However, one of the few games I play regularly on my phone is Plague Inc, a game where you design an illness and try to kill off humanity with it. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but it sure is. A PC-version has been in Early Access for quite some time now and played around with it for some hours. Here are my impressions!

Plague Inc: Evolved is basically the same game on PC that I is on mobile devices. You pick your type of virus at the very beginning of each playthrough, you pick your starting country and then you slowly evolve it, until it becomes the killing machine you’ve always wanted it to be. The game is amazingly addictive, because each time you play it, it is a bit different, since the world events change quite a bit. Sometimes, there are natural disasters happening that can make it easier to spread your illness faster. Other times, a new way of cleaning ships or airplanes is discovered, making it more difficult to spread from one country to the next. You always have to adapt your strategy a bit, which keeps the gameplay organic.

Speaking of the gameplay: it’s all very easy, intuitive, if not overly simple. All you do is click on some bubbles in order to get more evolution point or to hinder the efforts of humanity to find a cure for your awesome disease. Sure, that may not seem like a lot in terms of gameplay, but the strategic decisions you’re taking influence the course of the game so strongly that you’re very attached to your little virus, that is on its way to destroy humanity.

Plague Inc Evolved 2

One thing that keeps me coming back are certain modifications you unlock if you win the game with one of the many virus-types. Your virus can gain a natural resistance to cold regions of the earth or maybe be more easily transported via air. This makes every virus a bit more personal and can also influence your long term strategy.

One thing that is amazing are the many different kinds of illnesses you can unlock: Bacteria, viruses, nano-robots and parasitic worms are among the many different types available right now and others are added over the course of development. It keeps the game fresh and varied and since some types play completely different from others, you just keep coming back.

Unfortunately, the presentation is pretty stale. All you get to see is a world map with some very rudimentary animations. Of course, the game concept itself doesn’t lend itself to something more impressive, but I still feel like I should point it out.

If you’re a fan of the mobile version, this is a pretty neat little upgrade. If you’ve never played it on any device, you should give this a try. Remember: You can always create your own little zombie apocalypse in this.

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One thought on “A quick look at: Plague Inc: Evolved

  1. I love and hate Plague at the same time. It’s great fun and well designed yet at the same time it’s so addictive at times it’s hard to stop. Too many times I’ve gotten so close to victory that I immediately start another game without realizing how much time has passed… haha.



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