I’ll be back too!

Copyright: Skydance Productions

Copyright: Skydance Productions

Terminator 2 is one of my favorite movies of all time. I know many of you feel the same way about the classic action movie, that is still a great watch today. But ever since the third movie came out, my enthusiasm for the franchised vaned. I hadn’t even enough interest left to watch the fourth one, but now, my interest in the franchise has returned.

It’s all thanks to the new trailer, that was recently released. Not only does it feature Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, which is awesome, because I love her as Danny from Game of Thrones, but even good old Arnold is back! The story seems to be quite interesting too, since it seems to transform the plot of the very first movie into something completely new. This opens up a lot of time travel based troubles and ever since Doctor Who, I can’t get enough of those. It might make for some interesting twists and turns!

Also, the T-1000 cuts of his own arm in order to throw it at people like it was a spear! Why didn’t the first one do that in T-2? Has there been a software upgrade, telling them that they can do that? I hope they address that somehow, because that is question number one for me right now (a bit silly, I know…).

But yeah, most of the excitement comes from the fact that time travel plays a bigger role. While it has been pretty important thematically, at least in the first two movies, it never seemed fully fleshed out. This new direction that the trailer seems to indicate could make sure, that the movie will be more than just an average action movie. Will this be a return to former glory? I sure hope so! The franchise deserves another good movie!

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