Why on earth can’t I stop playing this?

Civilization V

You knew from the start, that this was going to be about Civilization V? Every single time I boot up Steam, I just have to stare at the number of hours I have poured into this game and I begin to wonder, what else I could have accomplished in those 600+ hours. I could have written several books instead of just one. I could have written dozens, if not hundreds of blog posts about pretty much any subject. But no, I had to play it, and now I have to write about it.

The strange thing about those many, many hours is, that even though I have those thoughts, I do not feel guilty. The game helps me unwind in a way, that very few other games do: It keeps me coming back and engaged, but never so much, that I can’t do other things too. I love playing Civilization V while listening to podcast for example, and it’s one of the very few that allows me to do that without diminishing my experience of the gameplay. I can also write while playing, since my computer can take quite some time to calculate the other players’ turns. Even playing other games while playing Civilization V is totally possible, as long as they are simple, like Cookie Clicker.

Right now, I am trying to get as many achievements as possible. This is especially fun, since I have to try other civilizations, that I would never have used, if it weren’t for the achievements. Am I a chievo-whore? I think not, since I normally do not care about them in other games. I just use them as an excuse to play some more.

The funny thing is, that the original appeal of the game never vanished for me. I love creating an alternate world, where the political landscape (and the real, geographical one too!) looks completely different from what we experience on a daily basis. This is also why I can’t get into Civilization: Beyond Earth: There just isn’t a real connection to that science fiction world, that the game tries to show to me. That’s pretty sad since I can see that it is a pretty decent game.

Will I ever stop playing Civilization V? Only if there will be a Civilization VI, I guess. If I ever exhaust all the potential of the game, I can always start with using mods in order to make it interesting again. And I never really experienced multiplayer with the game, so that’s still an element, that I’d like to explore some day. Off to the next 600 hours then!

4 thoughts on “Why on earth can’t I stop playing this?

  1. And don’t forget about the educational value of the game! Something like half of my general knowledge comes from Civ IV and Civ V, also quotes from the technologies that are engraved in your mind after some time, and come in handy again and again!

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  2. I feel very similar to you, also regarding Beyond Earth. So for now I stick to 5.
    If you haven’t played multiplayer yet you’re missing out. The only problem is finding enough people that regularly have time to play, but that works more or less when you have a dedicated PitBoss server.

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  3. I feel this game is hazardous to my productivity and that is why I had to put it on hold until I’ve finished my studies. It is so much of a “Just one more turn” that I can’t help myself. There are not so many games like this, Civilization as a series has been pretty awesome. There are some old features I miss including the FMV and the advisors but otherwise it is another good strategy game. I was stuck on Blood Bowl recently, also highly addictive.


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